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What is Riyad Tadawul Service?
Who is Riyad Tadawul service for?
How does Riyad Tadawul service work for you?
How can I apply for Riyad Tadawul service?

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Riyad Capital takes pride in providing its customers with the latest electronic solutions. As part of this commitment, we are pleased to present the "Riyad Tadawul" service to our valued customers, enabling you to trade shares and stocks through the Internet.

What is Riyad Tadawul service?

It is a convenient electronic banking services offered by Riyad Capital to its customers who wish to trade in local shares and stocks through the Internet. It gives more flexibility and convenience to customers who will have access to this service, around-the-clock and from anywhere around the world, by using their Riyad Online user ID and password.

Who is Riyad Tadawul service for?

The Riyad Tadawul service is available for all customers wishing to trade in local stocks and shares through the Internet and it is free of charge for all of Riyad Capital customers whether individuals, corporate, or organizations.

How does Riyad Tadawul Service work for you?

Riyad Tadawul service enables you to directly withdraw cash from and deposit into your investment portfolio, without having to visit a branch. The following additional benefits are also available:

Immediate display of Saudi share prices (specific charges)

Enter your orders to sell/ buy directly into the market.

Low trading commission.

SMS or e-mail advices.

Carry out buying/ selling transactions through a number of portfolios.

Direct transfer between the customer’s portfolio(s) and current account.

Online follow-up of orders to buy/ sell under execution.

Have access to the Saudi market statistics, charts and indicators (specific charges).

Follow up the latest Saudi companies’ news and profits announced.

Obtain a historic record of all previous transactions/ deals.

Carry out any other banking transactions at the same site by using the same user ID and password.

Technical support available 24 hours, 7 days a week through the toll free no. 800 124 2225.

How can I apply for Riyad Tadawul service?

Customers eligible to benefit from this Riyad Tadawul Service should:

Be a registered customer of Riyad Banks Riyad Online service (before being authorized to access the Riyad Tadawul Service).

Have a portfolio with Riyad Capital valid for Tadawul in the Saudi local stock market.

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