Trade in the US market at the lowest commission

Trade in the US market at the lowest commission

In Riyad Capital, we know exactly what you need as an investor. This is why an integrated bundle of international brokerage services have been tailored to meet your requirements, so that you never miss any investment opportunity while enjoying a high level of service with the lowest trading commission.

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Our team will be glad to serve you from 4:30pm till 11:00pm, Monday through Friday.



Now, trade in the US markets for stocks, Options, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) via Riyad Dawli Online starting from $1.99 per trade.

Through your screen, you can easily execute buying /selling transactions and get benefit of the live prices service and the US market research reports and live charts with technical analysis tools for free, in addition to creating a customized watching list to  monitor multiple markets according to your preferences as a user. You can also be up to date with news from Reuters on the markets.

  • Execute orders quickly and efficiently.
  • Specialized team to respond to all your inquiries.
  • Direct trading through Riyad Dawli Online or by contacting our International Brokerage Unit.
  • Access relevant information to the market.
Open your Portfolio now without any setup fees or annual fees!
For more information, call us on 800-124-4411
  • This commission is only applied for trading in the US market through Riyad Dawli Online with a minimum charge of  USD 1.99 per transaction. 
  • A commission of 0.019 cent per share will be applied for equity trading with a minimum charge of 1.99 USD per transaction.
  • A commission of $1.99 Per contract will be  applied for Options trading with a minimum charge of $1.99 per transaction.
These services may not be suitable for some investors, given the risks involved including changes in currency rates. Therefore, we advise investors to seek professional advice before investing in stock markets. Terms and conditions are applied.