Launching the new Riyad Capital Online

As a step towards enhancing your investment experience, Riyad Capital is pleased to announce the launch of the newly advanced Riyad Capital Online platform, which provides world-class features for you to trade and invest in mutual funds as it emphasizes on your experience as an investor, to ensure easy access in a smart design to serve all your needs and to enable you to execute your transactions easily with high flexibility.

The new platform features:  

  • Easy to use with high speed performance, to enable you to place orders anytime and from anywhere as to ensure that you seize investment opportunities.
  • Supporting of all new browsers on desktop computers and laptops in addition to tablet devices browsers and smartphones.
  • Get a full view on all your portfolios and investment accounts with Riyad Capital to get a complete holistic view on your relationship with Riyad Capital.
  • Feel the pulse of the market movements using our advanced analytical tools such as Heat Map and charts. 
  • Analysis tools for the investment portfolio such as charting and realized gain and loss on portfolio levels. 
  • Full Access to research reports generated by Riyad Capital team. 
  • View mutual funds details and compare between each of them to take the investment decision that best suits your needs.
  • Improved view on the investment accounts and transactions display to show more details, in addition to the feature of transferring cash between your different investment accounts.