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الرياض المالية: إطلاق أول صندوق استثماري للتمويل غير المباشر في المملكة العربية السعودية

أطلقت الرياض المالية "صندوق الرياض للتمويل"كأول صندوق استثماري فريد من نوعه يطرح في السوق المالية السعودية ويهدف إلى التمويل غير المباشر من خلال مجموعة من شركات التمويل مرخصة من قبل البنك المركزي السعودي (ساما). Full article

الرياض المالية تطلق ميزات إضافية لعملائها عبر الرياض المالية اون لاين

أطلقت شركة الرياض المالية ميزة جديدة لعملائها تمكنهم من الاشتراك في الصناديق ذات العملات الأجنبيةالمدارة من قبلهابكل يسر وسهولة. حيث يمكن لعميل الرياض المالية الاشتراك والاسترداد في صناديق الرياض المالية الاستثمارية بمختلف العملات مباشرة عن طريق الحساب الاستثماري بالريال السعودي دون الحاجة لفتح حسابات إضافية بعملة الصندوق. Full article

“The Public Pension Agency” & “Riyad Capital” sign a strategic agreement to structure and create a real estate development fund, which will develop the land of the Public Pension Agency (Capital Gate) that is located in Al-Sahafa District, North of Riyad

The Public Pension Agency and Riyad Capital signed a strategic agreement which aims to develop a mixed-use real estate project named (Capital Gate) in Al-Sahafa district, north of Riyadh city, mainly on King Fahad Road, Imam Saud Bin Faisal Road, and Olya Street. Full article

Riyad Capital Holds its Second Investment Forum for Elite Investors

Monday, September 9, 2019, Riyad Capital organized its second investment forumwith the presence of a group of leading investors and businessmen at Burj Rafal Hotel in Riyadh.An economic view of the Saudi real estate market was presented from local and global perspective, as well as the role of the capital market and capital companies in developing the Saudi real estate sector. Full article

Riyad Capital launches "Forex Contracts Trading Service"

Riyad Capital announced the launch of Forex Contracts Trading Service via Riyad Forex. This service comes along with multiple options of currencies including more than 20 currency pairs available for trading the high liquidity pairs, as well as the advantage of trading without any hidden commissions or additions to invisible differences within lower spreads between supply and demand, which adds higher flexibility in the buy and sell transactions. Full article

Riyad Capital Wins Three International Awards

Riyad Capital recently won three international awards for 2018 presented by Global Business outlook. Riyad Blue Chip Equity Fund was awarded the “Best Equity Fund Award in Saudi Arabia for 2018”, Riyad Capital Online was awarded the “Best Online Trading Platform Award in Saudi Arabia for 2018” and Riyad Dawli Mobile was awarded the “Most Innovative Trading Mobile App for 2018”. Full article

Riyad Capital Announces Material Development Relating to Riyad REIT (Signing a management and operation agreement with Hilton to manage the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel Riyadh - King Fahd Road)

Riyad Capital announces that Riyad REIT had signed a management and operation agreement with Hilton to manage the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel Riyadh - King Fahd Road. The management and operations agreement extends for a period of twenty years starting from the date of operation of the hotel which is expected to be in early 2021 after the completion of renovations of Fursan Towers.  Full article