Riyad Capital Launches its All New “Riyad Capital Online”

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Riyad Capital announced that it is launching its all new Internet Platform (Riyad Capital Online) and it has started to migrate clients to the new platform in stages.

According to Ali AlGwaiz, CEO of Riyad Capital, the company worked very hard over the past one year and a half to revamp its Riyad Capital Online in a comprehensive manner and make it one of the most unique, highly advanced and fully integrated investment platforms that is loaded with features and offer the full range of investment services. In addition to facilitating Brokerage, Asset Management and Wealth Management services and transactions, the new platform allows clients to keep close watch on the market and get full view of their portfolios and investment positions at any time, as well as have access to advanced analytical tools (such as heat maps, charts, etc.), equity and economic research reports, trading indices and other features. The new platform supports all new browsers on desktop computers and laptops, in addition to being “Responsive” to tablets and smartphones devices.

Mr. AlGwaiz added that the company has mobilized the necessary resources to ensure smooth and convenient migration of all clients who may share their comments and queries with the company by calling Riyad Capital unified number (920012299) or visiting riyadcapital.com or any of the company’s social media accounts.