Riyad Capital announces the Availability of the Interim Financial Results for Riyad REIT for the Period Ending on 30/06/2018

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Riyad Capital announces the availability of the interim financial results for Riyad REIT. and below is the summary of the interim financial results for the period ending on 30/06/2018:

  • Net Asset (based on fair value) at the end of the period SAR 1,682,791,176 
  • Total expenses and fees for the period (SAR 4,625,649) 
  • Net income for the period SAR 24,040,438 
  • Number of units available at the end of the year 171,697,101 units 
  • Net Asset Value per unit based on fair value approach SAR 9.80 
  • Revenue for the period is SAR 33,967,310 
  • Funds From Operations for the period SAR 29,341,661 
  • The yield for the period 1.7%
The fund has raised its capital from SAR 500 million to SAR 1,633 million, acquiring new properties valued at SAR 1,100 million during the second quarter of 2018.  Note that the semi-annual financial results for 2018 do not reflect the entire half-yearly income generated by the newly acquired properties.