Riyad Capital announces the distribution of dividends to Riyad REIT Fund Unit Holders

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Riyad Capital announces the distribution of cash dividends to Riyad REIT Fund unit holders for the second half of 2018 as follows:

  1. Total dividend distribution of SAR 48,075,188.28
  2. Cash distribution will be based on 171,697,101 existing units
  3. Dividend distribution amount is SAR 0.28 per unit, which represents 2.94% of the initial price; (initial price was calculated based on the current paid-up capital divided by issued shares).
  4. Dividend represents 2.84% of the Net Asset Value as of 31/12/2018, corresponding to 24/04/1440H.
  5. The eligibility of dividends shall be for the unit holders registered by the closing of Monday, 18/03/2019 corresponding to 11/07/1440H (end of trading day, Thursday, 14/03/2019 corresponding to 07/07/1440H)
  6. Dividends will be paid within (10) ten business days post the eligibility date.

The Fund Manager wishes to remind the unit holders to update their bank accounts to ensure depositing the outstanding dividend to their accounts directly.