Riyad Capital Holds its Second Investment Forum for Elite Investors

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Monday, September 9, 2019, Riyad Capital organized its second investment forumwith the presence of a group of leading investors and businessmen at Burj Rafal Hotel in Riyadh.An economic view of the Saudi real estate market was presented from local and global perspective, as well as the role of the capital market and capital companies in developing the Saudi real estate sector.

Mr. Sabty Sulaiman Al-Sabty, CEO of Riyad Capital, stared the forum with a welcoming speech noting that the organization of this forum comes as part of an effort to raise the awareness and understanding of the recent developments of the real estate sector in the Kingdom. After that, Dr. Hans Peter, CIO of Riyad Capital started his presentation; discussing the economic outlook of the real estate market and the most important influences that contribute to this sector. During the forum, the role of the capital market in developing the real estate sector was discussed with Mr. Abdullah Bin Ghannam, Deputy of Listed Companies and Investment Products at CMA. The forum concluded with a presentation by the real estate sector team in Riyad Capital reviewing the changing landscape of the real estate markets, in addition to local and international opportunities within the framework of the diversity of real estate business.

Riyad Capital aims, from hosting such events, to raise investment awareness and strengthen the relationship with investors,by enabling them to realize the most important economic influences, factors and events in order to enhance their investment decisions.