Riyad Blue Chip Equity Fund is the top performing fund with 19.9% return

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Riyad Blue Chip Equity Fund of Riyad Capital was awarded the “Top Performing Fund 2018» by Argaam, after achieving the highest return on investment market-wide in 2018.The fund achieved the highest return among all large funds, with net asset exceeding SR100 million, realizing 19.9% annual return.

Riyad Blue Chip Equity Fund aims to achieve long-term capital growth through investing in the shares with a high-market value of Saudi companies listed in the Saudi stock market and determined by the fund indicator, while the net assets of this fund reaches SR1.8 billion.

Riyad Capital is one of the leading companies in the Saudi stock market that offers a wide range of investment solutions, including various investment banking services, trading services, and securities services in addition to other investment products — general and special products — such as Discretionary Portfolio Management for enterprises and entrepreneurs.

Riyad Capital offers diverse opportunities in various sectors (local, regional and international) in the area of equity, money market, fixed income, real estate and private equity.