What are the available channels that can be chosen for trade?
Riyad Capital provides the trading services through the following channels:
1. Trading Online, through:
  a) Riyad Capital website
  b) Riyad Capital applications for PC, tablet and smartphones
2. Trading through e-channels such as, IVR and ATM
3. Directly through a broker

Ways to Invest

Is Riyad Capital Online a free service?

Yes, Riyad Capital Online services are free. Charges will only apply on live prices and trading commissions.

Is Riyad Tadawul and Riyad Dawli mobile for free?

Yes, Mobile trading service is free. Charges will only apply to live prices and trading commissions.


What is the benefit of Margin Lending?
The investor uses margin Lending to increase his purchasing power in order to improve returns on his investments. As the investor expects a rise in the price of the stock he wants to purchase in margin. Thus, increasing profits by increasing purchasing power from financing.
How does Margin Lending work?
Riyad Capital will provide the appropriate client with cash amount as buying power to purchase stock based on collateral provided by the client, whether it is in cash deposited in a margin lending account or in equity compliant with Riyad Capital's policy.
How to open a Margin Lending account?

You can order the product immediately by visiting our website or, (Opening an Investment Account with Riyad Capital, Margin Trading Service Form and Suitability Margin Trading Form) by visiting the nearest Investment Center of Riyad Capital or Riyad Bank branch, then the client suitability to the product will be studied. After taking the necessary actions, the client will be notified of the application approval to complete the procedures for opening the portfolio.

Can I transfer shares Outside the margin financing portfolio?
Yes, only that exceed the finance + collateral amount can be transferred.
How can I know the method of calculating the Delay Penalty for the daily margin?

It will be calculated according to the formula (amount used x 0.25% x number of days used)

International Trading

Is there any annual service charges for an International Account?

There are no annual service charges for an International Account.

Frequently Asked Questions