Frequently Asked Questions


How much is the leverage?
The leverage varies according to the target currency pair and reaches 40:1
Is the Forex service available now? Can I start buying and selling?
Yes, you can submit your application and start trading after completing the required forms.
How much is the minimum amount to trade in Forex?
Minimum trading amount is USD 2000
How to register in Forex?
Through visiting one of Riyad Capital Investment Centers and filling the required forms.
What are the available pairs?
More than 20 currency pairs are available, the most liquid pairs.
What kinds of commands are available?
There are multiple orders to cover all the requirements of the professional traders.
How much is the buy and sell commission?
Minimum of $ 4.99 per transaction or 2 basis points on the total transaction amount without any hidden commissions or additions to the invisible differences.