International Awards for Riyad Capital

Riyad Capital recently received three international awards presented by Global Business Outlook for performance excellence and innovative services for 2018:

Best Equity Fund in Saudi Arabia 2018, awarded to Riyad Blue Chip Equity Fund

Riyad Blue Chip Equity Fund aims to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in the shares with a high-market value of Saudi companies listed in the Saudi stock market, while the net assets of this fund reaches 1.8 billion SAR. The fund has also been awarded by Argaam, being “Top Performing fund for 2018” among all large funds, with net asset exceeding SAR100 million, achieving 19.9% annual return.

Riyad Blue Chip Equity Fund factsheet

Best Online Trading Platform Award in Saudi Arabia 2018, awarded to Riyad Capital Online

Riyad Capital Online Platform allows clients to have full control over their investment portfolios, and monitoring the market using advanced analytical tools such as Charting and Heat Maps. The platform enables clients to get market data details via Premium Services and Market Depth to analyze the market and its indicators, as well as research reports of the market and companies. The platform has a privileged workspace with an easy interface and offers full security and easy access to Portfolios around the clock and from anywhere in the world.

Most Innovative Trading Mobile App in Saudi Arabia 2018, awarded to Riyad Dawli Mobile

Riyad Dawli Mobile provides high-level services to trade in Stocks and Options, in addition to execute and manage investment transactions in the US and GCC markets at anytime and anywhere. The app also enables clients to manage their Portfolios, track the accounts balances, create and modify orders, as well as getting live streaming market data .

A copy of the terms and conditions, Information Memorandum and other reports available to the unit holders can be obtained from Riyad Capital website. The previous performance of the Fund or Index shall not be considered as evidence of future performance of the Fund. The Unit Owner shall be liable for any financial loss that may result from investing in the Fund. To view the performance of the Fund or any of Riyad Capital's other funds, please visit Riyad Capital website. Investment in the Fund is not a deposit with any local bank. There is no guarantee to the unit holders that the performance of the Fund in relation to the Index will be repeated or similar to the previous performance. The fees and charges included in the terms and conditions and the Fund Information Memorandum do not include VAT. The tax will be charged separately in accordance with the VAT Law and its implemented regulations. The Fund Manager shall be entitled to terminate and liquidate the Fund in the cases mentioned in the terms and conditions and the Fund's Information Memorandum. Riyad Capital may have provided securities business services to the issuer of securities or related securities during the preceding 12 months.Riyad Capital or any of its employees or any of its subsidiaries or related companies may have a financial interest in the assets stated in this declaration. The value of the investments in the Fund and their prices and revenues can be increased and decreased. Therefore, the possibility of impairment of investments below their original value remains a possibility. The investor may recover less than the amount invested. The investment in this fund may not be suitable for all categories of investors, and the investor is advised to consult with his investment advisor to determine the suitability of this investment. Investment in this fund involves associated risk, please check the Fund’s Information Memorandum and read it carefully before making the investment decision. This Fund is subject to subscription fees as set forth in the terms and conditions and the Fund's Information Memorandum.