The human element is the most basic foundation for Riyad Capital’s values and the fundamental reason of our success and advancement.

Here at Riyad Capital, we focus on the importance of our recruitment process, through very specific methods, to ensure applying two main criteria:

  1. Basis of requirements; by carrying out a standard process to assess the company's need for manpower in the future
  2. Efficiency; by emphasizing on attracting qualified Saudi cadres who are skillful, knowledgeable and experienced, as well as providing them with opportunities to develop and raise the level of their performance

The company's philosophy is based on equal opportunities for both genders, and a strict no discrimination policy among employees, as it’s an integral part of the company culture. Furthermore, Riyad Capital has continued to keep its leadership position when it comes to female employment in the Kingdom.

At Riyad Capital, we promise to provide you with a favorable opportunity to develop your talents and skills, and continue to employ more techniques to provide better practical opportunities.