Riyad Forex, Your Safe Platform for Forex Contracts Trading

Riyad Forex, Your Safe Platform for Forex Contracts Trading

Investment opportunities and their sources vary. Therefore, Riyad Capital tends to provide the means and tools that will help you as an investor to seize the opportunities and achieve your investment objectives.

Now, you can get advantage of the opportunities available in Forex contracts trading safely via Riyad Capital – the first licensed company that offers Forex contracts trading services in the Kingdom.


Forex contracts trading is a service offered by Riyad Capital being the first authorized company by the CMA to provide Forex contracts trading in the Kingdom. This service enables Riyad Capital clients to trade in Forex contracts with total confidence via secured trading channels.

Main Features:

  • Multiple options of currencies available for trading
  • Various trading channels (App or PC)
  • Lower spreads between supply and demand
  • Multiple leverage on each currency pair
  • Trading without any hidden commissions or additions to invisible differences
  • More than 20 currency pairs available for trading - the high liquidity pairs
  • Multiple types of orders to cover all requirements of professional traders

You can also get specialized training courses in Forex trading from Money Experts Institute for Training with exclusive discounts to Riyad Capital clients for up to 60%.

Your chance now to trade in Forex contracts safely with Riyad Capital.

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Currency rates are subject to continuous changes and can be subject to sudden and large decline, which may lead to loss of the amount invested, and the loss of the investor may not be limited to the full amount invested or deposited originally, and may have to pay more. We recommend that you take the necessary care and take specialized advice before entering this service. The client is required to make a careful assessment when conducting any trading. Service charges and fees apply to the service in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the service. This service is highly risky and may not be suitable for all persons. Therefore, the investor is required to review the service Terms and Conditions and obtain appropriate legal, tax and financial advice before making any decision on dealing with it. The service documents can be obtained through Riyad Capital Investment Centers. Riyad Capital is engaged in financial and investment brokerage activities. It can provide investment services or have provided it in advance in the past 12 months to one of the companies that deal with it in securities. Riyad Capital or its employees or one or more of its affiliates or clients may have a financial interest in related securities. Terms and Conditions apply.

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Riyad Capital Online

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