International Trading

International Trading

As expansion and diversification of investments became the superior strategy, Riyad Capital offers you a convenient and easy way to diversify your investments in global markets via electronic channels and through an experienced team of brokers who are there to match your investment needs.

  • Access to the most important international markets
  • Diversify investments by expanding the scope of your transactions to include global markets
  • Take advantage of a variety of trading opportunities

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Riyad Capital provides world-class services for trading in stocks, bonds, Options and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in international markets which includes the US market , European market and South East Asia's market via the electronic channels or through professional traders with extensive experience.

Our traders are fully ready to provide you with information about different markets and the latest updates of researches and recommendations from the largest specialized research institutions which can help you making your investment decision.

Now you can diversify your investments with ease and take advantage of our inherent experience in international markets.

  • Execute orders quickly and efficiently
  • Specialized staff to respond to your inquiries
  • Relevant information to the market
  • Direct trading through our Online platform or by contacting our International Trading Unit
  • Efficient services that match your investments needs
Riyad Capital Online

Riyad Capital Online

The safest and easiest way to access your Portfolio, 24/7 from anywhere in the world
Public Funds

Public Funds

Diversify your Portfolio with a low risk and cost efficient method, whether in stocks, bonds or short-term investments.
Riyad Capital Mobile

Riyad Capital Mobile

A smart way to control your accounts and monitor your investments conveniently and without any fuss. Riyad Tadawul Mobile is specially designed for on-the-go access from your handheld device whenever and wherever you are.