Frequently Asked Questions

Investment Accounts

What is the investment account?

It is a personal account designed to manage funds for investment purposes, through (debit/ credit) all investment transactions which includes buying and selling shares, in addition to subscribing and redeeming investment funds of Riyad Capital.

What is the difference between a current account and an Investment Account?

A current account is an agreement between a client and a commercial bank that results in rights and obligations for both parties, including the accounting entries for debit and credit sum of the demand deposits.
While the Investment Account is an agreement between the client and the investment company authorized by the Capital Market Authority that resulted in rights and obligations for both parties including accounting entries for debit and credit sum of the investment transactions.

What are the advantages of opening an Investment Account?
There are multiple advantages, such as:
  • Easy management of the Account, as it is designed for trading transactions, subscription and redemption of funds
  • Dividends will be added to the Investment Account
  • Written notifications via SMS and e-mail showing the cash balance and trading transactions
  • Prices display services.
  • View full details of your trading transactions through the Investment Account on a monthly/quarterly/annual statement
  • Transfer from the current account to the Investment Account and vice versa immediately even during non-market hours
Is there any fee to open an Investment Account?

No fee is required to open the Investment Account.

How long does it take to activate an Investment Account?

The activation is done immediately, once all the perquisite and documents are provided.

Will opening an Investment Account affect the Portfolios and Funds linked to the current account?

No, the Portfolios are linked to Investment Accounts automatically without affecting the investment transactions. As for the Funds, they will be linked to the Investment Account later.

What happens if I did not activate an Investment Account?

As per official entities’ instructions, an Investment Account is required. Thus, if an Investment Account is not activated, all your investment transactions with Riyad Capital will be suspended.

What are the requirements to activate the investment account?

Visit one of Riyad Capital centers and fill in the form of opening an investment account, with a copy of the national ID.

Who is eligible to open an Investment Account with Riyad Capital?
You must fit in one of the following criteria:
  • Saudi or GCC Nationals of legal age
  • Residing foreigners
  • Saudi Companies and Institutions


How to transfer money to an Investment Account?
This is done by transferring a sum of money from a current account to an Investment Account using any of the following channels: Riyad Bank branches, ATMs, Phone Banking and Riyad Online. To know how you can transfer sums of money using Riyad Online, please follow the steps below:
  • Choose “Transfers” then “Single Remittance”
  • The client then needs to pick the current source account then choose the beneficiary type “Riyad Bank beneficiary”, specify the amount and click “continue”

After confirming the transaction and verifying it, the amount will be directly transferred to the Investment Account.
What is the process required to transfer money from an Investment Account to a current account?
Transferring from an Investment Account can be done using any of the following channels: Riyad Capital centers, Riyad Capital Phone and Riyad Capital Online: To know how you can transfer a sum of money using Riyad Capital Online, please follow the steps below:
  • Access Riyad Capital Online and choose “Riyad Capital Funds Transfer”
  • Choose the Investment Account linked to the current account, insert the amount you want to transfer and click “continue”
  • Verify the amount you want to transfer, then click “send” to complete the transfer transaction
What is the maximum sum of money that can be transferred to a current account?

What makes Riyad Capital services unique is that it does not set a maximum amount for the transfer; you can transfer only a part or the entire amount balance from an Investment Account to the current account.

Is direct transfer from a current account in another bank to an Investment Account in Riyad Capital possible?

Yes, you can do this by using the IBAN of an Investment Account with Riyad Capital.

Is it possible to execute IPO transactions through an Investment Account?

This is currently not available; however, the IPO is available through a current account at Riyad Bank.

How to transfer from Investment Account to Current account through ATM?
From  the main menu, choose "Other services" , then choose "Riyad Capital Services". 
Select your portfolio then   "Fund Transfer" option                  
Note: the maximum limit for daily transfer is 100,000 SAR
How to transfer money from Investment Account through Riyad Interactive Phone (IVR)?
After login, go to menu item number 3 for Funds Transfer. 
To transfer a specific amount, press 1 .
To transfer full amount, press 2.
How to transfer money from Investment Account through Riyad Capital Online?
Login to Riyad Capital Online, from Investment Account menu, choose “Riyad Capital Funds Transfer”
Choose the Investment Account, linked current account will appear, enter the amount you want to transfer and click “continue”
Verify the information then click “send” to complete the transfer transaction
How to add my Investment Account as beneficiary in Riyad Online ?
Log in to Riyad Online and go to the Transfers menu.
Select Beneficiary Management then select "Create new Beneficiary".
Select "Riyad Bank Beneficiary" and fill your Investment Account information"
Use the provided verification code to confirm the beneficiary through Riyad Interactive Telephone or one of the Riyad Bank's ATMs.


What are the services offered by Riyad Capital International Brokerage Unit?
The services offered are:
  • Trading in the International markets (US, Europe and Asia)
  • Trading in Options, Bonds and listed ETFs
  • Direct Trading in the MENA & GCC Markets
Are there any annual service charges for an International Account?

There are no annual service charges for an International Account.

What are the services offered by Riyad Capital Local Brokerage?
  • Trading in the local stock market
  • Trading in the local sukuk and bonds
  • OTC trading
  • Specialized staff to respond to clients' enquiries
What are the available channels that can be chosen for trade?
Riyad Capital provides the trading services through the following channels:
1. Trading Online, through:
  a) Riyad Capital website
  b) Riyad Capital applications for PC, tablet and smartphones
2. Trading through e-channels such as, IVR and ATM
3. Directly through a broker or Riyad Capital centers
How is the trading commission calculated?
Deduction of 0.155% of traded shares value will be applied as trading commission. 
Where can I find Riyad Capital research reports?
You can find Riyad Capital research reports under the Trading Services menu in or by clicking here. You can also find the CIO reports here.

Ways to Invest

Is Interactive Telephone services free?

Yes, Riyad Capital Interactive Telephone services are free. Charges will only apply to live prices and trading commissions.

Is it a free service?

Yes, Riyad Capital Online services are free. Charges will only apply on live prices and trading commissions.

Is Mobile Trading free?

Yes, Mobile trading service is free. Charges will only apply to live prices and trading commissions.

How to link my portfolio to the electronic channels?
After portfolio creation, it will take 24 hours for the portfolio to be linked to your online profile automatically.
How can I subscribe to SMS and email notifications service?
After you login to Riyad Capital Online, go to Settings menu and choose "Riyad Tadawul Notifications". Check the types of message and delivery channel you prefer then press Save.
How can I register in Tadawulaty service ?
After you log in to Riyad Capital Online, you will find  Tadawulaty section in the homepage,  click on Register  and follow the registeration steps . Click here for more details
How can I update my information in Tadawulaty service?
After you log in to Riyad Capital Online, select "Account Management" from top navigation and select "User Details"
To update , click "Edit"
How to authenticate mobile number in Riyad Capital?
You can authenticate or change your mobile through any Riyad Bank ATM by following the below steps:
Step One:
Select Other Services from the main menu
Select Update Mobile Number
Enter your desired mobile number
An activation code will be sent to the new number
Step Two: (when you have the activation code)
Select Other Services from the main menu
Select Activate Electronic Services
Enter the received activation code
Your mobile phone will then be verified and can be used to log in to Riyad Capital Online.
How to register in Riyad Capital Online?
To register in Riyad Capital Online you must be registered first in Riyad Online. You can register through this link. Then select the "New User" tab. After Successful registration, you can use the same user ID and password to log in to Riyad Capital Online.
How to register in Riyad Capital Interactive Phone?
If you are already registered to Riyad Bank phone, you can use the same user ID and password to log in to Riyad Capital Interactive Phone.
If you have not registered, you can call this number 920012299 and click 2 for "Other services", Choose 1 "To Register to Riyad Capital" .
Follow the steps to complete the registration. 
How to Link my portfolio manually through Riyad Online.
Log in to Riyad Online and go to Support Center menu.
Select Preferences and click on Account Linking under Security Settings sub-menu
Click on "Activate New Account" button on top and fill your portfolio number and ID number and click on Add.
The account will be linked after 24 hours

Sending Complaints

How can I send a complaint ?

You can send your complaints though any of the below channels :

  • Unified number 920012299
  • Email :
  • Riyad Capital website :
  • Fax number : 0114865881
  • Riyad Capital centers through the kingdom
  • Riyad Capital social media accounts :


Can I choose to go back to paper statements later to Electronic Statements?
Yes you can. Just follow the simple steps below:
Login to Riyad Capital Online. 
  • Select the following to un-subscribe from -Statements :
    • Select Statement options from menu
    • Select Paper-Based Statement as a Statement delivery option 
    • Select the frequency, update your postal address and Confirm to enroll
Then, you are done. You will stop receiving e-Statements from the beginning of your next statement cycle.
How do I enroll to Electronic Statements?
Login to Riyad Capital online. 
  • Select the following to subscribe
    • Select Statement options from menu
    • Select E-Statement as a Statement delivery option 
    • Select the frequency, registered email and Confirm to enroll 
  • To update your email address, 
    • Select Change my personal information from the menu
    • edit e-Mail Address field
    • Click Save button
If I have two Investment Accounts with Riyad Capital, can I choose to receive an Electronic Statement for only one Account?
No. This is because Electronic Statement enrollment takes into consideration your over-all relationship with Riyad Capital. As a result, when you enroll to Electronic Statements, you will stop receiving paper statement(s) for all the Investment Accounts registered with your ID.
Is sending Statement via E-mail secured?
The statement is in PDF format with encryption and requires a unique password for access, so only you can have access to it
Is there any fees/charges for Electronic Statement?
There is no charges/fees for electronic statements.
What is an Electronic Statement?

It is an electronic version of your monthly paper statement. 

Will I still receive the Quarterly/Annual paper statement(s) after I enroll for Electronic Statement(s)?
By enrolling to Electronic Statements, you have chosen to receive your statement(s) electronically, hence no paper statement(s) will be sent to you.


What is the benefit of Margin Trading?
The investor uses margin financing to increase his purchasing power in order to improve returns on his investments. As the investor expectsa rise inthe price of the stock he wants to purchase in margin. Thus, increasing profits by increasing purchasing power from financing.
How does Margin Trading work?
Riyad Capital will provide the appropriate client with cash amount as buying power to purchase stock based on collateral provided by the client, whether it is in cash deposited in a margin trading account or in equity compliant with Riyad Capital's policy.
What is the call point and when is the partial or total liquidation of the portfolio?
Call point  is a notification to alert the client of reaching below the limit of the maintenance margin , which is considered a specific percentage of the portfolio calculated from the total value of the portfolio at the creation, on which the liquidation is determined if partial or total of the portfolio.
How to calculate the value of the portfolio at inception and the value of the daily portfolio?
The total value of the portfolio at inception is the total cash amount or market value of the shares offered by the client as collateral in the portfolio plus the amount of funding provided by Riyad Capital and the value of the daily portfolio is calculated based on which the call point is determined at closing prices of shares held on the previous day.
What is a Maintenance Margin?
Maintenance margin is the minimum value of portfolio that must be maintained in a margin account under which the portfolio is revalued to the maintenance margin in the event that the portfolio falls to the level of partial or total liquidation, so that the revaluation of the portfolio is either by adding cash or shares in line with Riyad Capital's policy.
How to open a Margin Trading account?
Fill (Opening an Investment Account with Riyad Capital, Margin Trading Service Form and Suitability Margin Trading Form) by visiting the nearest Investment Center of Riyad Capital or Riyad Bank branch, then the client suitability to the product will be studied. After taking the necessary actions, the client will be notified of the application approval to complete the procedures for opening the portfolio.
What is the interest rate?
Riyad Capital provides the interest based on a study of the client’s portfolio
How to pay the financing and interest rate to Riyad Capital?
The financing and the interest rate shall be repaid at the end of the contract period, and the client can request to terminate the contract at any time before the specified period.

International Trading

Is there any annual service charges for an International Account?

There are no annual service charges for an International Account.

Is there a minimum amount to trade with International Account?

There is no minimum amount for trading with International Account.

Can I trade in other markets other than the US market?

Yes, you can trade in the GCC, European and East Asian markets.

What are the means available for trading ?

Via Riyad Dawli Online and via an experienced team of brokers who are ready to receive your call at our toll-free number 800-124-4411.

What are the working hours for Riyad Capital International Brokerage Unit ?

You can reach Riyad Capital International Brokerage team at :

Morning shift:  from 8:30 a.m – 3:30 p.m

Evening shift: from 05:00 p.m – 11:00 p.m

Public Funds

Public Funds

Diversify your Portfolio with a low risk and cost efficient method, whether in stocks, bonds or short-term investments.
Local Trading

Local Trading

When trading in the Kingdom, local knowledge and experience can boost return when dealing with stock, Sukuk, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and bonds markets.
Riyad Capital Online

Riyad Capital Online

The safest and easiest way to access your Portfolio, 24/7 from anywhere in the world