Over the years Riyad Capital won several excellence awards, such as the ”Leading Shari’a Compliant Equity Fund” and the “Leading European Equity Fund” which were presented by Lieber, the subsidiary of Reuters International Group.

Riyad Capital funds were selected for more than 190 investment management and performance awards since 1998, in different categories for 1 year, 3 years and 5 years performance.

The latest award received by Riyad Capital in 2014 was from Thomson Reuters for “Riyad Small and Medium Cap Fund” as the best Saudi fund in the past three years. In addition to that, Riyad Capital ranked second in the category of best performance money market funds in a year for the “Riyad Money Fund”.

These awards are the result of a wealth of experience and expertise that reflect Riyad Capital’s leading position in asset management in Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries.