Start your global investments anytime & anywhere

As part of our efforts to ease and offer you the smoothest ways to reach your investment goals, we are pleased to provide you with the added services that will enable you to subscribe in global Mutual Funds, managed by us, easily and cost-efficiently.

You can also transfer cash between Investment Accounts of different currencies without having to convert currencies or opening additional accounts.

The services will enable you to:

  • Subscribe to any of Riyad Capital Mutual Funds with their various currencies directly using your SAR Investment Account, via Riyad Capital Online platform or Riyad Capital Investment Centers.
  • Redeem your units from Riyad Capital Mutual Funds of any currency directly to your SAR investment account via the platform or the Investment Center.
  • Transfer cash between your Investment Accounts of any currency via the platform.
  • Transfer cash from your Investment Account of any currency to your linked current account through the platform. 

For more information, call us on 920012299

Riyad Capital is a Saudi Closed Joint Stock Company with a paid up capital of SAR 200 million. Commercial registration number (1010239234), licensed by the Capital Market Authority under License No. (07070-37). Head Office: Granada Business Park, 2414  Al-Shohda Dist. – Unit no. 69, Riyadh 13241 - 7279 Saudi Arabia. These services may not be suitable for some investors given the risks involved mentioned in the Terms and Conditions of the service, including changes in currency rates. Currency rates are subject to constant changes and can be subject to sudden and signifcant decline which may result in loss of the invested amount. Therefore, we advise investors to take the necessary care and seek professional advice before investing. Terms and Conditions apply. Users who trade on Riyad Capital  online are exposed to the risks associated with the Platform such  failure or interruption, the Company shall not be liable for any loss suffered, any delay in the provision of Services nor any failure to execute Instructions as a result of the Client's use of the Platform.