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Riyad Taqnia Fund

Riyad TAQNIA Fund (RTF), a close-ended Venture Capital fund founded by Riyad Capital and TAQNIA company , invests in audacious capital and aims to achieve high returns to investors. It is backed by leading institutional investors in Saudi Arabia and invests in the areas of Information & Communications Technology (ICT), Energy & Sustainability and Advanced Materials.

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Fund Manager

Riyad Capital is managing the fund's investments, through a selection of investment experts, in line with the fund’s strategy towards achieving its goals. Riyad Capital is a Saudi Closed Joint Stock Company, licensed by the Saudi Capital Market Authority (NO.07070-37) to provide securities services such as, dealing as principal, and agent, underwriting, arranging, advising, and custody. 
Believing in the importance of managing wealth and planning for future financial needs, Riyad Capital provides a wide range of investment products and solutions through a team of experts in investment and financial planning, assets management and corporate investment banking.
Riyad Capital enjoys the benefits of being a subsidiary of Riyad Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in Saudi Arabia. This relationship with Riyad Bank allows Riyad Capital to draw on the Bank’s expertise and accumulated experience.


The information shows a Private Investment Fund information in which its units have been offered as a private placement in accordance to the Investment Funds Regulations issued by the Capital Market Authority (CMA). Riyad Capital's publication of this information shall not be considered as a verification of the feasibility of  investment in such fund in any way, Riyad Capital expressly disclaims any liability incurred or could be incurred from investing in  the fund units, or from using  or relying on the information herein.
The investment fund mentioned is addressed to specific persons in accordance to the Investment Funds Regulations and are not for public offering, investing in such fund involves high risk, the potential unitholders  who  are willing to invest shall consult their legal and financial advisors on the feasibility or appropriateness of investing in such fund and shall revise the relevant documents to be able to estimate feasibility and appropriateness of investment. 

Technical Advisor

Saudi Technology Development and Investment Company, (TAQNIA) a closed joint stock company registered in Saudi Arabia. TAQNIA is one of the national initiatives to transfer and localize technical knowledge as well as to create job opportunities that require advanced and technical skills. TAQNIA was founded in June 2011 and is the technology arm of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Based in Riyadh, TAQNIA, its  subsidiaries and Business Units are fully owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) and seek to diversify the Saudi economy through investing in promising startups, technology localization, and creating a knowledge-based economy. 

Investment Objectives

The Fund purpose is sourcing and investing in a portfolio of Saudi, GCC-based and international technology companies with the main objective of generating profitable returns to the fund’s investors while facilitating and stimulating the development and transfer of cutting edge technology and related knowledge to the Kingdom.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee consists of seven Saudi and international members with long experience in venture capital and entrepreneurship.

Key Fund Terms

Fund Size
Sponsors Investment
Riyad Capital and TAQNIA invested SAR 12.5MM each
Fund Term
10 Years
Investment Period
5 Years
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RTF Portfolio companies

Title 1
Title 2
Dokkan Afkar

Sector: E-Commerce

Dokkan is a Saudi based online shopping platform that brings the latest of everyday products, in a cool and fancy design. The product range includes gadgets for the home, artistic stationery, unique multimedia and technology products, creative fashion items, products for men and women, and a lot more.
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Sector: Cloud Solutions

Foodics provides software cloud point-of-sale (POS) solutions to restaurant and retail businesses with a current focus on Food & Beverage industry. It allows the restaurant owners and operators to obtain real-time reports and updates from anywhere with mobile applications for point-of-sale, iPad menu, inventory management system, call center, kitchen display system (KDS) and loyalty program.
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Sector: Fintech

Beehive is an online peer-to-peer (“P2P”) lender for term-debt finance to small and medium enterprises . Beehive launched in the UAE in November 2014 and is the only fully operational P2P platform in the GCC.
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Sector: Fintech

Souqalmal is Arabic for ‘money market’. Souqalmal platform assists GCC customers in finding and purchasing financial and insurance products in a few easy steps.
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Sector: Logistics

TruKKer creates a tech-enabled open B2B and B2C marketplace that matches shippers with available trained drivers. It is an aggregator that consolidates small and medium fleet owners and offers the convenience of easy booking services for its users. It makes the processes of home moving, intra-city pickup, and load delivery efficient and reliable through web and mobile applications.
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Sector: Technology

SURE provides a number of technical products and solutions in the field of technology and IT security, Internet and Intranet portals, e-Governments solutions, systems integration, and IT infrastructure systems optimization. SURE have also work in different platforms to support HR systems and property management systems.
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Sector: Home maintenance

B8ak is an online platform that enables customers (home owners & business owners) to order home maintenance services via few clicks on an app. In addition, B8ak provide a smart and integral Maintenance Management System solutions that works to improve businesses' performance, increase sales, customers satisfaction and reduce operational costs.
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Unifonic is a company that provides a cloud interface for sending SMS messages, push notifications and placing automated voice calls. It lumps these and other services under the umbrella called “Cloud Communications.
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Sector: Grocery

Haseel is an online grocer that enables residences, offices and restaurants to order freshly produced, seasonal vegetables and fruits, and offers a same-day delivery service door-to-door. Haseel enable the customers to order and track the order in three simple steps to enhance the customer experience and customer satisfaction.
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Sector: Logistics

Mile Now is the flagship CRM-focused, ERP delivery management platform helping SMEs automate existing fleets, riders and field force. The platform empowers local businesses through actionable business intelligence, real-time geo-aware data, leverages latest in IoT technologies and ensures data protection & security.
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Sector: ChatBot


Arabot is an artificial intelligence SAAS platform, which understands and responds to followers’ over Social Media supporting both English and Arabic in any dialect. Arabot aims to reduce the customer support cost and improve customer satisfaction.
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