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Riyad Reit Award

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Riyad Reit Acquire the Most Innovative Fund Award From
Global Business Outlook


Riyad Capital, a Saudi closed joint-stock company with a paid-up capital of 500 million Saudi riyals, under Commercial Registration No. 1010239234, and licensed under the Capital Market Law - License No. 07070-37, with its headquarters addressing Granada Oasis 2414 Al Shuhada District, Unit No. 69 Riyadh 13241-7279 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Riyad REIT Fund is a Shariah-compliant real estate investment traded fund. The fund’s current capital is 1,633,000,010 Saudi riyals and its duration is 99 years, subject to extension. The main objective of the Fund is to grant investors stable cash dividends through the income-generating real estate assets owned by the Fund. Riyad Capital Company is a licensed company to provide dealing, management, arrangement, advice and custody activities. In related securities, past performance is not necessarily a guarantee of future performance. The value of the units and the income generated from them and their prices can go up and down at any time. It is possible for the investor to recover an amount less than the amount he originally invested. The investor must refer to a qualified investment advisor to determine the suitability of his investment in this fund and the potential risks. To obtain more information about the fund before entering the investment, you can refer to the terms and conditions of the fund and read them carefully and carefully, including the risks related to the fund. A copy of the terms and conditions and the fund's financial reports are available through our website.


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