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Riyad Capital Interactive Telephone Services

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Riyad Capital offers various investment services through Riyad Capital interactive telephone (IVR).

After signing up, the customer will be able to:

  • Trade in the local market
  • Subscribe to local mutual funds
  • Check stock prices and market’s indicator
  • Enquire about orders, portfolio and investment account balance sheets
  • Transfer from investment account to the linked current account

How to register:

  1. You must have an active Riyad Bank account to complete the registration
  2. Call 920012299
  3. Choose “Register to Riyad Capital Services”
  4. Enter the account number
  5. Select a password
  6. The new user ID will be announced along with an application number that can be activated by visiting the nearest branch or by ATM: Insert ATM card >Enter PIN> Choose Other services>Activate Electronic Service > Enter application number> Confirm the request

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