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Riyad Income Fund

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As one of the leading investment management company in Saudi Arabia, Riyad Capital continuously strives to offer quality products which meet its customers’ investment needs. In its continuous efforts, Riyad Capital is launching the “Riyad Income Fund”, for investors seeking periodic cash income with the possibility of achieving growth on the invested capital.

How to achieve returns?

The portfolio managers at Riyad Capital research, analyze and select dividend-paying companies listed on the Saudi market. Companies are selected based on healthy balance sheet and expectations of stable dividend growth.

Investment strategy:

The investment strategy of Riyad Income Fund is based on selecting companies with focus on quality and sustainability of income, stable yield and growth expectations. All this is supported by a rigorous investment process, high compliance standards and an experienced investment team.

The investment is managed according to the following criteria:

  • The fund invests mainly in dividend-paying, Sharia-compliant companies listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange
  • The fund aims to pay semi-annual cash dividends, and the manager is allowed to pay capital dividends if needed to maintain a certain dividend distribution level
  • The fund is allowed to invest in rights issues, short-term money markets securities, Sukuks, units of peer funds and shares listed on GCC markets which are Sharia-compliant
Fund currency
Saudi Riyal (SAR)
Risk level
Indicator of Riyad Sharia income fund from (Ideal Ratings)
Minimum subscription
5000 SAR
Minimum balance
5000 SAR
Minimum additional subscription
1000 SAR
Minimum redemption
1000 SAR
Subscription and redemption Applications days
Business Days
Maximum time of receiving applications
Before 1:00 pm of a dealing day in order to be performed according to the price of that day in which it was submitted
Valuation days
Monday & Thursday
Dealing days
Monday & Thursday
Refund due date
Before closing the third following day, as maximum, of the valuation day
Front end fee
1% of subscription value
Management fee
1.50% annually of the fund assets value
Other fees
0.50% annually of the fund assets value as maximum
Launch unit price
10 SAR


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