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Real Estate Traded Funds

Real Estate Investment Traded Funds, or REITs, are financial instruments that allow all types of investors to obtain investment exposure to the Real Estate Market. This is achieved through collective ownership of constructed developed real estate qualified to generate periodic and rental income. REITs can invest locally, regionally and globally, where the total asset value outside the Kingdom shall not exceed 25% of the fund's total asset value. REITs consist of units, where each unit represents ownership in the underlying real estate. REITs are traded on the Exchange just like equities during trading hours. In addition, REITs are required to distribute at least 90% of the fund’s net profits to the unit holders annually, as per the instructions issued by the Capital Market Authority (CMA).
With regards to control and supervision, similar to other investment vehicles, REITs adhere to the rules and regulations issued by the CMA. REITs also abide by the high standards of transparency and disclosure that are already applied in the current equity market.
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Riyad REIT fund is your gateway to Real Estate investments, which gives you the chance to explore great opportunities in the local Real Estate market and targets attractive returns to the investor.


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